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100mg Fruit Gummies - OASIS

100mg Fruit Gummies - OASIS

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OASIS Fruit Gummies contain real fruit and 10mg of precisely dosed Oasis Cannabis Co. Δ-9-THC per gummy.

Nothing artificial. Always infused. We have a different approach to the creation of recreational cannabis products. As one of the only cannabis brands to control every step of the process in-house, we’re able to ensure the ultimate quality of the final result. We call it seed-to-you, which is our version of the whole farm-to-table thing. Some would say our process is a little obsessive, but attention to detail is important to us. It’s why we’ve won Best California Edible at the Edibles List Awards multiple times (as ‘Supreme Organics’). We’re a refuge from the ordinary — an extraordinary high.


It’s time to find your OASIS.